Important information

    Compilation contains
  • [ 0 – 2min ] Information about contemporary problem of drug abusing
  • [ 2 – 106min ] Real story of a man abusing drugs and share it online. You can see rationalization, deeping addiction, imparied control, and consequence of drug use for ex. health problems, memory lose. Attention! While John story plays, its possible to viewer can expirience drug craving!
  • [ 106 – 125min ] The most important 20 minutes! Compilation of consequences.

See outro if full material is too boring.

    I have attached comments to show social positions that vary depending on the viewer and their acceptance of drugs.
    Acceptance changes as John's health costs increase.

I used popular artists music and ilutration to show that drugs are everywhere in our culture, campared to less available drug education.

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